Parallel Incentive

***This may not be offered to your group.  Please check with your Benovate program administrator to determine eligibility. 

Why isn’t there a checkmark indicating screening completion when I’ve I completed a screening requirement?

We receive results over the course of screenings every 7-10 days. If you do not see the results now, check back in a few days. If you still do not see them after 7 days, reach out to

I see that I have met certain outcomes, but I don’t see the actual results.  Where can I find these?

In the Dashboard, under the Premium Incentive Tile,  scroll down to find the Biometrics Tile. You will be able to review your results there as well as see results from previous years, if available.

I see new cards now that I didn’t see before.  Why do I see new cards?

When the system takes in your HRA and  lab results, it analyzes them to determine what other activities might be beneficial for you. As you do more, the platform will show  more content that is relevant based on risks or conditions that may been determined from your results.

What do I need to do to get my premium incentive?

Every group is different.  To learn more about your specific program requirements, check out the top Tile in your Dashboard.

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