Screening & Review

What's a Biometric Screening?

During your 10 minute appointment at the onsite biometric screening event, one of our certified phlebotomists will take your measurements (height, weight, waist circumference, etc.) and facilitate a 21-lipid panel blood draw.  Results will be sent to a lab for processing and will be available in your Benovate platform Personal Health Desktop within approximately 10 days. 

How long should I fast?

In preparation for the screening, please do not eat or drink anything except water for 9 hours before the test.

Who sees my results and data?

HIPAA laws protect all information that is gathered during this process. While an aggregate report is shared with your employer, never under any circumstances will your individual information be shared with anyone without your consent.

Why should I participate?

By gathering this information and making it available to you we help you identify any health risks before they become acute or chronic health problems. Results will be made available through your Benovate platform and will help customize your experience. 

What’s a Medical Review?

Medical Reviews give you the chance to review your biometric screening and health assessment results over the phone with a medical practitioner. This will give you the “now what” once you’ve gotten your results.

How do I sign up?

Most groups facilitate sign up through the Personal Health Desktop, which is available in the Benovate platform menu. Once in the Personal Health Desktop, click Health Counts at the top, select your groups event, click Sign Up for the date & location desired, select your desired time and click Sign Up. If this does not apply to your group, please contact your program overview guide or administrator for assistance.

How do I change my time?

Follow the sign-up directions to click Unregister, then Sign Up for the time you’d like to change your appointment time to.

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