What is a Contest?

Contests in the Benovate platform are a way members can compete with other members for the most steps within a timeframe, the largest weight loss percentage, or the highest Engagement Score.

How do I join a Contest?

If a contest is available, you can sign up by clicking the button on the Contest announcement card. Once the Contest begins, you can no longer join the Contest and the sign-up card will no longer be seen.

Why don’t I see anything about a Contest in my platform?

Contests only run during set timeframes.  Benovate will host all-member Contests throughout the year, but your program administrator can also start a Contest for your group only.  If you are interested in a Contest specific to your group, please contact your program administrator.

How do I know my ranking?

Once the contest begins and for 7 days after the contest, you can click the button on the Contest card to view the leaderboard.

What if I don’t want my ranking on the leaderboard?

Upon joining the contest, you are asked to opt in, which includes agreeing to have your ranking and Contest metric shown to others participating in the contest.  If you don’t want your ranking and Contest metric shown, do not join the Contest.

I no longer want to be in the contest, can I remove myself?

No, once you join a contest and opt in, you will be part of the Contest until it has ended.

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