Living HRA

How does the Benovate Living HRA work?

The Benovate Living HRA helps identify health risks based on health information as well as answers to questions about finances, growth and relationships.  Branching logic is used to determine follow up questions depending on previous answers, so you aren't answering questions that are irrelevant to your situation.  

Why didn’t I have to answer anything when I tried to take my HRA?

Once you hit "Begin HRA", the platform will do a scan to see if there are any questions to be answered.  If you are up-to-date, you will see the progress bar move along as it scans each of the topic sections to see if there's anything you need to answer.  If you've already answered certain questions in the platform, then they may count towards the HRA, making your "all-at-once" experience shorter or automatically skipping you to the end.

How often will the HRA need to be taken?

Since life changes, you may see some questions pop up again now and then to check in and modify content as needed. All questions have different frequencies depending on the type of question. Some you may see annually, others more or less frequently.  This allows the platform to gain more information when needed, while avoiding asking irrelevant questions when it’s not.

What happens with my answers?

Based on your answers, you may be identified with a risk. This may be an immediate risk or diagnosis that you know about, but it may also be a future risk, meaning if you continue with current habits it may result in a disease or condition in the longer term.  You can find your tagged risks in your profile.  The activity and content cards you see in the platform will adjust based on your answers so your resources and experience is unique to you. Some questions will have a 1:1 relationship with the types of cards you see, other times a combination of answers will result in you seeing particular cards.

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