What should I expect when I start a Course?

Courses allow you to dive deeper into a specific topic. They consist of education (text, graphics, videos, and/or audio), surveys and quizzes. Since Courses are more in depth, they will take longer to complete than a typical card.  On average, Lessons take about 10-20 minutes, but this may vary depending on the topic. Courses are broken down into several Lessons so you do not have to complete the entire Course all at once.

Why should I take a Course?

Information and activities seen within the cards will become more relevant based on surveys & quizzes, plus you can earn more points with Courses! Some programs may use Courses as a reasonable alternative - see your Overview Guide or talk to your program administrator for details if this applies to you.

How do I access a Course?

When you log into Benovate, you will see the Lesson One card for any course you are eligible for.  Once you begin a Course, an In Progress card will be pinned at the top of the cards until the course is finished. A course can also be started, continued, or reviewed from the Courses Tile in the Dashboard. Clicking “View More” will expand the tile.

What if I can’t finish an entire Course in one sitting?

You can complete a Course either all at once, or by finishing Lessons over time, at your own pace.  Once you finish a Lesson, it will count towards Course completion even if you need to leave and finish the Course another day.  If you stop a Lesson part way through, you will need to start the content back at the beginning, but any questions you already answered will be skipped over.

Why am I seeing Courses on some of these topics?

Some conditions or topics that are so prevalent, that we decided to make them available to everyone.  Understanding or getting back to the basics is beneficial for most people, either for themselves or a loved one.

What if I’m interested in a topic that I don’t see a Course for?

We are continually developing content and adding to our Course library, so continue doing other activities in Benovate and check the Courses Tile occasionally to see what’s new.

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