Why should I connect my tracker?

Connecting a tracker will allow you to receive more personalized cards, compete in Contests, and automatically earn points for healthy activities or progressing in your goals.  All you have to do is log in to redeem those points!

What does Benovate do with my tracker data?

Your app data (steps, weight, body fat, floods climbed, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.) will activate cards when certain goals are achieved. Once connected, the systems sync so we never see your individual data.  If you opt into certain Contests - Steps or Weight Loss, for example - tracker data determines your progress and ranking.

What types of trackers can I connect?

A tracker can be a wearable fitness tracker, health app, or even a scale, blood pressure cuff, or glucometer. To see the list of trackers and apps that you can connect, go to My Profile in the menu and scroll through My Trackers.

What if I don’t have a wearable device?

Benovate connects with many apps that can track steps and other activities right through your phone, even if you don’t have a wearable tracker device.  Moves App and MapMyWalk (or other MapMy… apps) are a few of the phone apps that can track steps without a wearable device. LiveTracker must be turned on for the MapMy apps.  Background tracking must be enabled in your phone settings for most apps. Benovate only serves cards based on data automatically tracked by the app, not self-entered data.

How do I connect or disconnect a tracker?

To connect, either click “Connect” on the “Connect a Device” card or visit “My Profile” in the platform menu, click “connect” and follow the prompts. To disconnect, go to “My Profile” in the menu, find the app you’d like to disconnect and click “Disconnect”.

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