Health Snapshot

What should I be able to see in the Health Snapshot Tile?

Up to five metrics can show in the Health Snapshot tile in the Benovate Dashboard, depending on what data is being synced - Steps, Weight, Calories, Sleep and Workouts. If any of these data points aren’t being synced, a Connect button will show in the tile.

Can I see all of the data that my device is tracking?

This is a “Snapshot” and is not meant to replace existing tracker apps. Instead, we are bringing together the information from the various apps so you can see recent changes and where you are in comparison to your most recent data.

How do I see my data?

Connect a tracker device or app by clicking “Connect” in the Health Snapshot Tile.  Once you connect, it may take up to 24 hours to sync the data. If you are already connected and are not seeing updated data, you may need to log into your trackers app so it can sync with your device.

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