Points & Incentives

What are Points?

Points are earned by completing activities and surveys in Benovate.  Activities that take more time or might have more impact typically are worth more points.

What are Lifetime Points?

The total number of points earned throughout the “lifetime” of the user’s activity in the platform. These points will never decrease.

What is Lifetime Earned & Left to Earn?

If your employer is offering an incentive for participating, your points convert into dollars once you complete a healthy activity or answer a survey question. Your “Lifetime Earned” dollars show how much you have earned since you started using Benovate, while your “Left to Earn” dollars show how much you have left to earn based on your employer specific incentive & plan year.  Not all groups are utilizing the incentive feature - please see your Overview Guide or program administrator for your specific program details.

Why am I earning points but no dollars?

All of our activities are categorized into different “activity groups” based on the main topic or risk it impacts most. Limits are in place to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do activities in multiple groups.  If your program sponsor is providing incentive dollars, you may have reached a limit within a certain activity group, which will allow you to continue doing the activities for points but you will no longer earn dollars in that specific activity group.  

When will I get my incentive?

Incentive distribution is managed by your program sponsor (this is often your employer or insurance provider).  If your incentive is being paid our via Rewards, a card will show when you are eligible to order your Reward through Benovate.  Your program sponsor funds this account - you can see estimated time for processing once you order your Rewards.  If your incentive is not being paid through Rewards, contact your program sponsor for details on how and when you will receive your incentive.

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