Engagement Score

What does the number on the Engagement Score tile mean?

This number is your Engagement Score. True health goes beyond the physical and also includes things like relationship health, financial health and growth. Your Engagement Score is based on your completion of activities within each of those domains of health. Shoot for 100 each day!

Why do the icons fade & get a check mark?

Each icon represents one of the 4 pillars – Physical Health, Financial, Growth & Relationship.  Complete activities to fill the bar below each of the pillars daily. A check mark will appear on the icon once you’ve hit your daily goal for a pillar and the icon will fade when you’ve reached your daily limit.

What are the larger bars under the score and icons for?

These bars help you see your progress over the past 7 days. The longer the bar, the higher your Engagement Score for that day was.  The goal is to have equal parts of each color within the bar. You’ll only see bars for the days you’ve been active, so if it’s been a while since you’ve been in the platform you may not see these.

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