What are the Cards?

The Benovate Platform is a smart health engagement platform that learns your likes, dislikes, interests and health risks and with smart activities, proactively helps you in improving your overall health, providing balance, and learning about potential health risks.

What types of cards are there?

There are four different types of cards - activities, content surveys and Healthy Choices (Limited Availability). Each category has cards to help you work towards balance in all areas of your life - physical, personal growth, financial health and relationships.

  • Activity Cards: Activities that you can do to lower risk and improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Content Cards: Educational materials based on your interests and needs. These may be articles, videos, audio, or a combination of media.
  • Surveys: Quick questions that allow the Platform to get to know you so Activity and Content cards are more interesting and focused on you.
  • Contests: If sign up is taking place for a Contest, or if a Contest is currently taking place, a card will be pinned to your card stream.
  • Courses: If a Course is available or if you have started a Course, a card will be pinned to your card stream.
  • Healthy Choices: Select communities have “Community Partners” offering healthy deals to Benovate members. If you are in one of those communities you will see the deals on Healthy Choices cards.
  • Why do cards “grey out” or stop appearing when I scroll down?

    The Benovate platform is all about balance in all areas of life.  To help you find this balance, activities in a certain pillar, may start to blur or disappear as you do more of them so you can more easily focus on activities in the other pillars.  Using the icons in the Dashboard as a guide, your goal is to fill the bar beneath each pillar on a daily basis. Once the bar is filled you can complete a few more cards in that pillar before the associated activities will grey out & eventually disappear.  You will still see activities in the remaining pillars until you’ve reached the limit in those as well. Don’t worry, activities in all pillars will be back tomorrow!

    Can I dismiss or get rid of a card I don’t like or doesn’t apply to me?

    Yes, the Hide/Skip feature is available on most cards and can be accessed by clicking the V in the upper right-hand corner of the card.  

    • Skip: The card will be dismissed for up to a year depending on the default frequency.  The length of time it will be skipped for will be indicated when clicking the V.  If the default frequency is greater than one year than you will only see the option to hide the card.
    • Hide: The card will be hidden for one year.  

    What kind of information does Benovate provide in the platform?

    It is not the intention of Benovate to censor any content on its website but rather to provide a holistic view of many different health issues. Benovate does not subscribe to any one way of addressing a health issue or treatment. However, Benovate does carefully research and vet all of the content on the website and works to make sure that the information is empowering to our members and their families and gives them resources and tools they can use to take control of their health to the greatest degree possible. By the very nature of information today, it is possible that the source or author of content may subscribe to certain beliefs that Benovate does not wholly subscribe to but may provide valuable tools and information to empower and educate our members. Our mission is to provide new ideas and innovative ways to confront challenging health issues, which may run counter to conventional viewpoints.

    The content provided in this website is not intended to treat or cure any disease. You should always consult a physician about any treatment related issues. The content that Benovate provides is for educational purposes only and is not designed to be prescriptive in any manner. The content provided in this website does not necessarily reflect the views of Benovate or its employees.

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