How do I set up my account?

You will need a verification link sent to you.  This will automatically be sent to you on your group's launch date.  If you did not receive the email or can't find it, contact or 877-BEN-OVATe with your name, employer, date of birth and desired email address to request a resend.

1. Open the email from (check spam if you don't see it), sent on your employers launch date.  Everyone received their own unique email - do not share this email with others. 

2. Click the blue "Verify Account" button

3. Fill in the required information & click "Verify"

4. Accept the Terms and Conditions

5. Bookmark to keep coming back! 

How can I access Benovate?

Our platform is accessible on all modern smartphones, tablets and computers so that you are able to stay engaged in your health no matter where you are! Log in through the Benovate App, or

Does Benovate have an app?

Yes! Visit the Apple Store or Google Play and search “Benovate” to find the app. Please note that you still must have an account in order to use the app. Contact us at if you are eligible and need to get set up.

Can someone else just forward me their verification link?

No - this link is unique to each individual and increases your account security. More than one person cannot use the same verification link.

Can other members of my family use the platform too?

Contact your benefits provider to determine eligibility.

What happens to my account when I leave my employer?

Your account is provided as a benefit from your employer, so once your employment is terminated, this benefit would as well unless special arrangements have been made with your employer.

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